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HCSMontreal focuses on providing IT Consulting, Computer Maintenance, Web Development, Data Recovery and Network Installation Services. Our objective is to be your one stop source for all your computer needs. We have been supporting Montreal businesses and home users for over 20 years with all of their computer needs. Our skilled developers and technicians will handle your project with the efficiency and attention to detail it deserves. HCSMontreal provides a wide range of Managed Information Technology Services designed to enhance business productivity. Our team provides secure IT professional services to meet your individual needs through design, integration and management of your computer and network services. Our services include desktop support, network support, as well as secure back-up and recovery of your business’s data. We have a team dedicated in securing your data and ensuring that you organization is prepared for a Ransomware threat.

We offer remote and on-location management of your IT infrastructure. Our team expertise ensures the right course for your business through a discovery, design and delivery phase. By understanding your needs we are able to offer secure solutions and execute an enterprise growth and survival strategy. Our on-demand services allow you to scale with the needs of your business.

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