XP will no longer be supported after April 8, 2014: Are you ready?

Many XP users are getting this message and yes it is real.

Many XP users are getting this message and yes it is real.


After 12 1/2 years of OS life , Microsoft’s beloved? reliable? great? Operating System Windows XP will no longer be supported by the Redmond, Washington company.  What does this mean?

Firstly many of us have gone on this rocky journey with XP growing with it and discovering its many flaws {we’re talking about you Blaster Virus}.  We have dealt with security flaw after security flaw.  Update after update.  For most of us we have loved you like a trouble making child.  The remainder of us abandoned you at the first chance we got (by going to Apple or updating to Microsoft Vista).  But many came back to you especially after trying Vista.

But now the question is whether it’s time to upgrade Operating Systems?  When Windows XP Support ends on April 8th, it means that Microsoft will not  be issuing any NEW security updates for XP.  Any potential security flaw in the operating system that is discovered  will go unpatched. Potentially, this means that hackers could target this new flaw, letting them infect Windows XP machines.   The risk is real.  Your computer is automatically issued updates and security patches from Microsoft but on April 8th you’ll be on you own.

Speak to a technician about you situation and let them advise you on what actions you should proceed in doing.  Consider upgrading your system to Windows 7 and give us a call @ 514-836-7408.  HCSmontreal.

Preparing to Say Bye to Videotron: What You should know when leaving Videotron and how to avoid problems.

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So you’ve decided to get rid of Videotron.  This usually is a no brainer and doesn’t require much consideration  except for the changes you might have to do to your computers and network.

1.   Different IP Address:  When switching from Videotron, you will be issued a new public IP Address thanks to your new ISP’s Modem (Internet Service Provider).  This could cause concern if you use any remote desktop software that searches for your network via IP so this tends to be a larger concern to businesses than the Home user nonetheless confirm that you do not have to change anything because of the new IP.  If you are using a voip device such as MagicJack or Vonage, you may have to reset you device to obtain the new ip address.

2.  Email: Hopefully your email wasn’t with Videotron and you aren’t using  @videotron.com.but if it was, tell everyone you are switching and give out your new email address. Your new ISP will guide you how to set up your new email.

Ideally you should have your own domain’s email: you @yourowndomain.com or even a gmail address you@gmail.com so you can switch providers without too much confusion.  When switching from Videotron you most likely will have to change you mail settings in order to receive mail.  Speak to your ISP and they will guide you on the necessary changes.

3.  Router: You may be receiving a new router when switching.  If this is the case make sure your router’s configurations are copied down and transferred to your new router. The settings we are usually concerned with are port forwarding, ip range, wireless ssid, and wireless password.   Depending how advanced are your settings there may be others.

Remember that the technician sent out by your new ISP is only there to ensure that the internet connection is working.  It will be your job to confirm that all devices that were connecting out to the internet are configured properly.   A technician from HCS will be glad to assist you with your new ISP.


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