Business Virtualization Services in Montreal


Virtualization is gradually attracting buzz around the IT landscape, affecting each and every computer that goes over its path. At Les Specialistes HCS, our experienced staff can assist you in selecting the best path for virtualization of your network either using VMware or Microsoft's Hyper-V solution.

Along with its popularity is the plethora of benefits users are entitled to which includes lower costs as well as extended life of user’s technology. But amongst users who greatly and will greatly benefit from using this tool is the small to medium-sized businesses. Virtualization comes in four different types namely: OS virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Server Virtualization, and Hardware Virtualization.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization makes servers, workstations, storage and other systems independent of the physical hardware layer – in other words virtualization is software that manipulates hardware making the phyiscal hardware hidden from the operating system.

OS (Operating System) Virtualization

This is the movement of the principal operating system of a desktop to the virtual environment. The used computer will remain on its physical location but its operating system will be hosted on system elsewhere. Typically, one version is created on each user’s server. OS virtualization gives users power to modify OS without bothering or effecting other users.

Storage Virtualization

This is the process of combining numerous different hard drives simultaneously into one virtualized storage. Storage Virtualization is also referred as cloud storage or cloud computing which can either be public, private or mixed. This kind of virtualization, along with the server virtualization is often the most popular because of its cost—effectiveness and ease of implementation.

Server Virtualization

This is the moving of current physical servers into the virtual landscape. Numerous modern servers can host multiple server simultaneously, reducing quantity of server within a company which led on a lowered IT as well as administrative expenditures

Hardware Virtualization

This refers to taking a real machine components and moves them to virtual environment. The virtual machine functions like a real machine or a computer with an OS (operating system). The software is normally separated from hardware resources. The most common example of this is the Windows PC which operates a Linux virtual version.

What is VMware virtualization?

Amongst the numerous cloud computing and virtualization software provider for the x86-compatible computer is the VMware. Founded on ESX/ESXi, VMware virtualization is bare-metal hypervisor that supports virtual machines. This term is also often referred to VMware Inc. products including workstation, horizon application manager, and vCloud director.

Benefits of Virtualization

There is lots of good reason to implement visualization to your business. Some of those are the following:

  • Can save energy and lower monthly utility bills
  • Reduce foot print which results from fewer servers, lesser networking gears, and smaller quantity of racks.
  • Allows ease of creating a self-contained test or lad environment that operates on an isolated network.
  • Server provisioning becomes much faster.
  • Reducing lock-in possibilities of hardware vendor.
  • Boost disaster recovery. No need to keep an identical hardware and can save money through buying cheaper hardware.
  • Increase uptime
  • Isolate applications inhibits increased costs. Server sprawls, and even eliminates underutilized servers as well as server wastes.
  • Extend lifespan of older applications, which can be of significant importance to your company.
  • Helps in moving things to the cloud. Well, this is the primary benefit businesses can get from virtualization.

Generally speaking, virtualization greatly helps businesses in terms of IT infrastructure, saving each great sum of money, effort and time while maximizing what it can possibly bring.  Call Les Specialistes HCS at 514-836-7408 to discuss more and how your organization can benefit from one of Virtualization solutions.

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