Computer Repair and Maintenance Tips


Computers are utilized in every facet of modern living. From personal to businesses concerns, whether it’s for play or work, computer always has its place. Nevertheless, as it seems to be a common thing, majority of computer owners tend to be quite careless about maintaining or repairing them, thus resulting to further technical problems. And as for computers store valuable information, this can eventually result to a great inconvenience particularly if it is used for business purposes.

Here are some valuable computer maintenance and repair tips that can be helpful in improving computer’s performance and boost your productivity at work:

  • Protect your computer from cyber-threats. Cyber world is bombarded with threats such as Trojans, Worms, spyware, viruses and more. Such cyber-threats can affect computer performance and worse steal personal information. This threats basically causes great dilemma to the computer. To avoid such problem, make sure to install an anti-virus guard. Have a program upgrade and regular updates. Full protection can only be possible if the database will be updated.
  • Disk defragmentation. If you are having difficulty finding important files in bulk files installed, then it’s time to have disk defragmentation. This process reduces amount of a fragmentation.
  • Eliminate unwanted temporary software and files from your own computer. Though you have deleted unneeded files, they will still consume some space on your memory. This is the reason why your computer seemed to still work slowly despite of the fact that you have already deleted some files. The solution is to permanently remove the pre-deleted files through typing in the run-command box “temp”, “%temp%”.
  • Backup and system recovery service. If there is a sudden bluescreen error or a system crash, system recovery can help in restoring your computer. Backup service, on the other hand, ensures that the data are safe. Les Specialistes HCS offer an automatic offsite backup service.  Call us for more information 514-836-7408
  • Use additional security software. To add sense of security, you can add thumb-print recognizing and face recognition software to login to the computer or laptop.
  • Store computers in perfect temperature. Whether or not you are going to use your computer, it will be advisable to place it in cool environment. Typically, computer system emits heated air on the back openings and is easier to increase temperature. Staying at air conditioned rooms basically helps reduce the computer or laptop’s temperature.
  • Use error-checking utility. This utility helps in maintaining the computer on its top condition through checking the hard disks for any error and repairing any spotted damage.
  • Computer Upgrade. Always be updated about your personal computer updates.
  • Keep the computer clean. Clean your computer with appropriate cleaning tools. Small dirt particles and dust can block the system that may result to overheating problems.
  • Be careful not to drop liquid or any food over the computer. This is because computer keyboard is made of electronic parts that can be damaged easily.

Proper computer maintenance can lengthen the life of a computer and save you from frequent computer repair. But in case computer repair will be needed, it will be advisable to search and settle only with a reliable and reputable computer repair service provider who can take good care of your device and bring it back on its normal function.

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