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Network Installation Services Provider For Your Growing Business


Networking for your business
Networking for your business

Finding the right network installation services provider for your growing business may seem overwhelming. At Les Specialistes HCS, IT network installation doesn’t stop with simply installing the new hardware you need; it also includes listening to your people to find solutions to make technology work for your business.

To allow your employees to focus on their jobs and to allow your business to grow the way you want it to, it is important to constantly be aware of the role technology plays in your business. A good IT firm such as Les Specialistes HCS will help you identify what you have that may still be relevant, what you need in order to be more effective, and how technology can help you become more effective and profitable as a business.

Configuration and Maintenance

In addition to identifying what computers, servers, and other peripherals will best allow your business to facilitate growth, a good network installation services provider like Les Specialistes HCS will also offer full configuration and maintenance of all equipment. What happens if you get an unexpected error message, if your equipment experiences a loss of power or power surge, or if you suddenly can’t access important aspects of your network? By having someone familiar with exactly what you have and who knows how to maintain it, Les Specialistes HCS will allow for longevity or repair it in the event of complications which can be invaluable in the overall productivity of your employees.


While many of your employees are undoubtedly comfortable and even proficient with the computer systems you currently have, there is no reason upgrades have to be scary. Les Specialistes HCS will be able to train your people to quickly adapt to the new technology making the integration seamless and the timeline for increased productivity will be drastically reduced.


If you have been running your business with several computers that weren’t networked together and each machine being responsible only to itself, you may not be familiar with how valuable backup services can be. Let our staff discuss the benefits of an offsite backup solution. While this can be accomplished with a variety of cloud services obtained from a different provider, the benefits of having our team install the network and maintain the backups is an excellent way to ensure your company’s ability to maintain its data.

Backing up your network will ensure your data, and the data of your clients, is safe and easily accessible even in the event of something happening to your physical machines. While no one likes to think about the possibility of theft or natural disaster the fact is a physical location could be compromised and your machines could become fail. Having an offsite backup helps reduce the possibility that all of your data would be lost forever.

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