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“I Need Technical Support Right Now, who can I call?”

An office disaster has happened with your computer or your network and you need to turn to somebody. You need computer support this instant. That’s when you call us. HCSMontreal has been supporting Montreal businesses since 1999.

We offer remote and onsite support. When you call us at 514-836-7408, you can be certain that one of our experienced and qualified Information Technology specialists will assist you and help resolve your issue.

Support For the office is only a phone call away

We specialize in working with businesses with less than a hundred employees. We provide a great service for startups who are looking to get their IT sorted out but we will also be there for you as you expand.  We are there when you need us for a computer solution to all your computer problems.   We specialize in Microsoft and are able to assist with Apple Products and issues. 

We offer timely solutions so you can continue working.

HCSMontreal 514-836-7408

Ransomware Issues

AT HCSMontreal we can assist you in dealing with the threat of Ransomware.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software also known as malware, which infects a computer and denies access to the system or data, and demands a sum of money to restore the information. At present, the most common form of ransomware will encrypt data. Victims will receive an on- screen alert stating their files have been encrypted or a similar message, depending on the type of ransomware.


So you’ve been attacked or concerned about an attack by ransomware, a virus, malware or numerous other malicious software that has made your data suspect. At HCSMontreal we are here to assist you in the recovery and protection of your data and ensure that your data will be protected no matter what.  Our staff will assist and advise you the best path to retain your information.  We have a highly experienced team of IT professions who can assist you at whatever stage you may be at with your Ransomware.  Whether you want to be prepared or whether your data is under attack, we can join your team in maintaining your organizations data.  Call us at 514-836-7408 for a free consultation.


RANSOMWARE: What to do next?

That depends on where you are in the Cyber Attack Countermeasures time chart.  If your office has avoided being attacked, this is a great time to develop a preventative strategy.



Ideally you would like to be prepared for a situation that avoids all risks to losing all you organization’s data and we are here to assist in preventative measures. We will assist you in the following


  1. Create an inventory of all of your network hardware and their locations, so you can keep track of all possible internal threats on your network
  2. Update all organizational software including operating systems, drivers and firmware.
  3. Back up all information every day.
  4. Back up all information to a secure, offsite location.
  5. Train staff on how to prevent cyber attacks.
  6. Search for vulnerabilities within one`s organization